Air Freight From China To USA – A Simple Overview Of Air Cargo International Transportation

Air freight from China to USA is now increasing dramatically. With advanced technological advances and world markets developing, air cargo transportation between continents is becoming more frequent and more profitable. Currently, there are a handful of high capacity freight planes available including the Antonov An 225 myria that can transport over 250 tons per hour. The transport of heavy goods is now becoming commonplace for companies like Cargil, Schlumberger and Unite States, who have shipped their products all around the globe. In fact, many international corporations have outsourced their regular air freight to ensure that they have shipments at their specified times and destinations.

When you are shipping heavy goods from China to USA or vice versa, the transportation logistics play a very vital role in your bottom line. The speed of delivery is dependent on how fast your shipment gets through customs clearance. If your shipment takes too long to get through customs clearance, your goods might end up suffering poor quality. If the quality is substandard, your profits will suffer. Therefore, it is very important for you to understand the actual speed at which your goods pass through customs clearance, so that you can optimize your profits.

You can determine your shipment’s speed through three primary metrics – cargo weight, transit time and customs clearance. The weight of your shipment is based on the total weight of your goods while the transit time is calculated based on the number of days it takes for the cargo to arrive to its destination. Once these three measurements are known, you can easily calculate your chargeable weight, standard gravity and cubic meters per ton. For example, if your goods weigh 200 kilograms and your shipment takes eight days to get through customs, then you should calculate your chargeable weight at 200 kilograms x 8 days x 10 Container Weight Charges. This will give you an idea of what the average weight of each of the containers traveling with your cargo area. With this information you can easily see which mode of cargo transportation, air or water, will give you the quickest route to reach your desired destination.

As a second metric, customs clearance is an important factor. Customs clearance determines how fast your shipment will be cleared through customs. Your chargeable weight, standard gravity and cubic meters per ton will be immediately given to the customs officials who will decide if your shipment should be cleared or held for further inspection. The decision is made based on the contents of your cargo, as well as the nature of your merchandise.

It is always best to select an international airport that is closest to your final destination. This will save you considerable time and energy travelling from the international airport to your final destination through land and air transport. Not only will it save you time and energy, but it will also save fuel consumption since you will not need to spend precious time waiting for cargo to clear through the different customs offices during travel time. Since most international airports are connected directly to each other, the connection will enable customs officers to immediately determine the load that needs to be transported. Click here for more details about Air freight from China to USA

Finally, there are a few additional charges for international air freight transportation. These charges will depend on the service provider that you choose, as well as the type of goods that you are transporting. The fees are usually based on the day, time and distance, among other factors. If you are unsure about any of these fees, you should contact the airport that you will be departing from as soon as possible to find out in detail what the fees are for your specific transport services.

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