A Very Thai Christmas Story

Thai cinema is the best-known genre of independent film in the world. Most of the country’s top film stars have originated from Thailand like Khmer, Pornthipak, and Apis. Since the 1980s, Thai cinema has grown to more than just a regional hit, it has become a hugely popular choice for international movie makers to choose. This success has led to more Thai movies being shown in countries outside of Asia such as the UK, where Thai movie goers will have only seen a fraction of the original Thai movie language film.

The typical Thai comedy movie has two kinds of plots: a story with an American protagonist and a story with a Thai protagonist. Most movies begin with a local Thai girl named Susan, who is waiting for her boyfriend back home. Suran’s friend Mee reveals to her that there is a handsome American named Jason who lives in a villa on the beach. Mee also tells Suran that Jason is working as a driver for a Thai airline, and that she can only speak with him in Thai. Click here for more details about หนังตลกไทย

After a few days of chatting with Mee, Jason gets up one evening to visit Mee’s friend Tong, who works at a Thai hotel. Mee informs Tong that Jason has come to stay at her friend’s house, and Tong’s friend puts the two men together. While Jason and Tong spend the evening having a drink at the bar, Mee finally snaps and decides that Jason is not her boyfriend, but rather her boss.

The next morning, Mee informs Tong that Jason is a friend of hers and invites him to be her driver while she and Jason have breakfast. Mee packs her bags and heads out, while Tong accompanies Jason to a nearby highway to wait for his friend. Mee parks her car, Tong gets out of his car, and they begin to converse. Mee quickly realizes that she has made a terrible mistake and orders Tong to drive, but Tong ignores her request and drives off.

Mee and Tong continue to converse, and Tong ends up getting drunk and telling Mee what a horrible experience he has been having driving up and down the highway. Mee storms into the restaurant in a rage, throws her bag of Thai food on the table and starts to walk out of the restaurant. However, before she can leave, Tong stops her and asks her why she decided to leave. Mee tells Tong that she had made a bad decision, and that if he would not help her, she would leave.

Mee then decides that it is time for her to leave town so that she can get a new job in an English speaking country. Tong tries to persuade her, but she continues to refuse. Finally Tong decides that it is time for him to leave as well, but he does not want to leave until he has helped me with her problem. He walks out of the restaurant with her and they share a kiss, and then he bid her goodbye. Later on, Mee thanks Tong for everything that he has taught her and vows that she will see him again someday. The end of the movie shows Mee driving home and Tong walking away, implying that their relationship is still alive and thriving.

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